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Maggie offers private voice and guitar lessons, as well as children’s group circle singing lessons. Maggie holds a B.A. from Berklee College of Music and has extensive training covering many genres. She teaches several vocal techniques, as well as harmony, ear training, chest-voice technique, projection, dynamics, and improvisation.

Voice Lessons:

I am passionate about teaching vocal tools that will help you find your best voice! Your voice can be powerful, and surprise you with it’s capacity for beauty. It can allow you to tap into your own joy and vulnerability and to release both with freedom. Learning to use vocal tools well to sing better, will add immeasurably to your life.


” I can’t say enough wonderful things about Maggie’s teaching abilities.  She is an extremely gifted singer and her warmth, knowledge and approach to teaching is always an inspiration and delight.  Maggie really understands where you are at and knows how to take you to the next level, and the next, with humor, example and a highly attuned intuition.  She is capable of teaching at all levels and brings her contagious enthusiasm and skills to each individual. Maggie shines very brightly and I would joyfully recommend her to anyone who wants to learn singing or sharpen their skills.  Check her out! You won’t be disappointed! ” – Marlene Tobias